Monday, January 12, 2015

new year's started with a trip...

road trip on 31 December 2015

a small town with a red car

a snowy view by balcony
baked homemade bread

orange cake by a friend
For the new year's eve, we went out of town where Türker's brother lives in. We welcomed 2015
with food, cava and some drinking games.

Nowadays, Istanbul is snowy, and I remember that how much I like snow (but of course not as 
much as love for sun). The best activity is to bake bread, cake and having fun at home while watching
snowing by window.

Here is my new 2015 list; not many things as the last year's but just some important goals for my 
mind :)
- learn to be more patient
- create spare times for my mind and body
- don't think so much about the same subjects over and over
- work with more self discipline
- see more places and cities in my country
- save money for USA road trip
- eat more vegetables and fruits
- break prejudices and try to listen to people
- do more yoga 
- camp in a tent near the nature

And these are the last year's resolutions that I had a chance to success some of them. You can see 
also which ones I didn't complete for the last year. (+, -)

* Try to do more yoga -
* Try to sleep regulary, eat healthy food +
* Go to more natural places, near seaside, forest or a mountain -
* Listen to new kinds of music +
* Develop ideas for the new issues of my magazine; match-up +
* Write more about everything +
* Organize a paper art workshop +
* Create stories for Papier Atelier's exhibiton theme -
* Visit more galleries -
* Take more portrait pictures -
* Meet more people, talk to strangers +
* Travel again to some places I've missed such as; Berlin & Paris +
* Been to new lands I've never gone (not decided yet which is gonna be) +
* Organize a wedding ceremony for beloved family members and some friends +
* Try new sex positions +
* Drink new cocktails and try homemade cocktail recipes +
* Read more books, mags, and zines +
* Create a small vintage collection and sell them on my blog -
* Attend more gatherings +
* Dance out every weekend (or at least once in 2 weeks) -
* Learn how to do massage -
* Decorate our bedroom and studio +
* Search about colors and color harmonies with together +
* Practice Italian to not forget how to speak -

Happy new year again, and welcome 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Summary of 2014 ✶ ✶ ✶

when we were about to welcome 2014...

with champagne
February: painting of us, organized a workshop, celebrated my birthday with gifts and sushi!
March: ferry trips, photo shooting for match-up mag, terrarium workshop, and a photo of us in Kuzguncuk
April: started to decorate our home, published second issue of my mag, and friend gatherings
April II: a trip to Berlin
May: my friend got married in Paris, so we went there

May II: mirror photos rather than selfies... :)
31 May 2014: Our wedding!
June: breakfast at cafes, another workshop, my favorite summer taste, a wine gathering with friends
June II: a bike day near seaside, another day when we visited around

June II: at the end of June, we went to Datça
June III: we took a visit to my parents home, picked flowers, then put them near the window
July: visited our friends and swam under the sun
July II: my favorite train station, my favorite breakfast point, and two favorite cafes: Cafe Cuma & Manuel Deli
18 July; his birthday so I gave 2 gifts & a romantic dinner with edible flowers <3
August: cafe hopping, food shooting, preparing for holiday and working at cafes...
August II: honeymoon!
August III: party in da house!! 
September: third issue of my magazine match-up mag, finally we finished decoration, arranged an event, and an exhibiton 
September II: fresh salads, an event we joined, 19th century Greek school, walking around the streets and found a sleepy cat
October: had a magazine gathering at home, tried our brand new camera in my favorite train station
October II: weekend trip - walking near lake, and went to Balat (a historical region) for having fun
October III: went to Datça for the second time of this year, felt silent, peaceful and empty
November: a workshop we organized, made participants create a paper mask, visited a neighborhood Kanlıca by the sea,
also we framed the pictures & paintings for home
December: cold days with my new fur coat (of course not a real one), a wine night with friends, pizza hunting, and took a walk by the sea
Here is a short summary of my 2014 with some pics. Of course there are lots of moments I want to
mention but these are the ones I remember in a clear way. This year wasn't my favorite one that I had
lots of things to do, worked hard for my magazine, and tried to be calm and peaceful to concentrate
on my works.... but my wedding day and our honeymoon were the bests of my life so far.

I hope all we'll have a better and awesome year with a big wisdom, peace, and happiness!

Happy new year, happy 2015! See you.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

d.i.y: homemade bread

For a while we've baked our bread in our kitchen. This recipe is pretty easy to give a try:

- 2 cup of white flour
- 1 cup of wheat flour
- 1 cup of water (in room temperature)
- 1 table spoon of olive oil
- 1 teaspoon of dry yeast
- 1 teaspoon of sea salt

how to make:
in a large bowl mix/knead all these ingredients above until it gets nonstick enough. then put:
- anything that you want to put inside your bread; such as dried tomatoes, olives, onions etc.
and knead for 5 minutes more.

after all, leave it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours inside a big bowl covered with a wet towel.
Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees.
Then bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. (or depending on your oven you can change the 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sunrise, sunrise looks like mornin' in your eyes...

Here I am. When it's time to be ready for a harsh winter, I get my film rolls
back to remember how it feels being under the sun. These images were taken in this
summer when we took a short distance road trip to Türker's hometown. Some of them
were taken in our house..

I can't wait to be on the roads again, but of course there are 'things to do' first.
On January, we'll have a flight to Barcelona for the second time (cause we like
this city so much) and even though it will be probably dark and cloudy I can't wait
to take more pics with my new camera and this analog one too.

Because I have a very short spare time to blog regularly, I decide to share more pics rather
than daily posts. Hope you'll like them. 
Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset treats me well...

This year I'm always in between of something; cities, people, job-home, two different decisions...
So I'm hungry for a routine life again, but I know this is just a transition period. Besides I'm working
as a freelance publisher, we have to travel to another city every month for a construction field
(because Türker is an architect) and this gives me enough derangment and imbalance too...
But as I know that I should take an advantage of  this situation, I try to work during the days, and go
out, smell the sea and enjoy the sunsets in the afternoons.

Datça is very close to several Greek islands. There is something in the air of this city, which
pulls you into a different feeling that you want to keep writing, thinking and enjoying the nature as
possible as you can do.

Datça'da geçirilen günlerin özeti: gün batımı, bol oksijen, kafa doluluğu, toz, orman, İstanbul 
düşüncesi ve keşifler. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wedding Part III: time to have fun!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in our wedding day! Even it was raining for a while, you
did your best to make our day very special :)

And if you want to watch, here is the VIDEO of our wedding day.

Cocktails&dinner catering by Elma Catering, Event design by Aisha Events, Make-
up by Melissa Chartan, Bridal bouquet by Kanukte Flower, Venue: Villa Riva Garden
DJ&music by our friend Mrt Seckin, Flowers by İrfan Çiçekçilik, Videograph&photographs by 

Bir süre yağmur yapmasına rağmen ellerinden geleni yaparak daima pozitif kalan ve bize en güzel
günümüzde eşlik eden tüm aile ve arkadaşlarımıza teşekkür ediyoruz!

Ayrıca izlemek isterseniz; BURADAN videomuzu da izleyebilirsiniz. 

Kokteyl&catering Elma Catering, Organizasyon Aisha Events, Makyaj Melissa 
Chartan, Gelin buketi Kanukte Flower, Mekan: Villa Riva Garden, DJ sevgili arkadaşımız Mrt 
Seckin, Çiçekler İrfan Çiçekçilik, Video&fotoğraf Düğme Film.

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